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Coding Club 2020

This might be useful for the next few weeks?



Hello again, after a short break we have started the club again. This week we have started to code in Python. Below is the link to download the zip file of notebook files you used to save your work. Python can be found at jumpto.cc/python-newPython Week 1

Python week 2

Purple turtle and other work

Role Playing Game

Coding Club 2018 - 2019

Easter 2019

I have zipped up some of the scratch, python and sonic pi work you have been doing this year. You can download the folder here.




As the term has come to an end we have been using Scratch (Click here for online editor) to make our own games. They were fun to code and are fun to play. You can download the zipped folder of the games here.

The next coding club session will be the second Tuesday back after Christmas (Jan 15th) at the usual time.




It is the end of another great years coding. Here are some photos of our now annual visit to the Newcastle University computing department.


















5th December 2017

We had our last club before Christmas tonight. I would like to thank Simon, Mark and Stephen for their time and expertise. Without their help the coding club would be a completely different club; less coding, less challenging and less fun. We have been working on HTML using a coupe of programs, one called Trinket and lately Atom. Both use HTML to create web pages, Trinket is a good introductory program while Atom feels a little more professional.

As an end of term task the club have been working on representing moving about the school in a series of linked rooms. We took pictures of a selection of spaces in the school and then used these to create rooms that can be navigated around in a web page. Finally we decorated the rooms with Christmas images and, thanks to Mark, falling snow. All of the buttons, links and image placement were coded in Atom, using HTML and CSS. You can see the results HERE. (this is a large 41mb zipped folder so may take a bit of time to download). Once you have unzipped it (Right click and hit "extract all") then click on the "start here" shortcut.

Next term we will be using Python!


July 2017

 Another year over and again so much excellent coding. We could not have managed without the expert help from Simon, Mark and Stephen. We took 7 children to the University computing department on Tuesday 4th July after school. They were challenged to write the code to drive the Lego Mindstorm robots around a short maze or to follow a white line on the carpet. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the task before having pizza, dips and pop. Link to a Photo Gallery.



We didn't win, and congratulations to the Benton Park for winning, but we did represent the school enthusiastically, knowledgeably and politely. Mr Hood was very proud of the three groups of four that entered.

Here's the link to the galleries to see the teams.

Here are the PowerPoints that we made to show our apps off. They are Windows PowerPoints. If you have problems running them let Mr Hood know.

Hospi-Social - presentation

Hospi-Social - App

Super - Sleep - presentation

Super - Sleep - App

Appointment Finder - presentation

Appointment Finder - App


The Coding Club would like to say a very big thank you to Simon and Mark for their invaluable assistance this year with the club. We would not have had such an interesting time coding especially Python and the (really interesting) Lego Mindstorm. We hope to see you again in September with a new set of keen programmers.

Lego work again in Zip format. Remember you will need the Lego Mindstorm software downloaded to your machine (link to download page here)


10 May 2016 today's work on "Toby" (in Scratch) zipped folder can be downloaded here.

Download the work we've done so far. It will be a zip file that you will need to uncompress. (on a PC right click and click on Extract All).


Work on the Newspaper (again a zipped folder)

Recipe link jumpto.cc/trinket-template

Scratch website

Mr Hood's Coding Club Zip files