Governor Committees

Curriculum, Communication and Community sub-committee

CHAIR - Sandra Reddie (Parent)

Carolyn Deeble (LA)

Jonathan Lawson (Co-opted)

Julie Heaps (Co-opted)

Jumara Syeda (Co-opted)

Clive Maddison (Head),

Other members - Clare Clougher (Deputy Head)


Finance and Premises sub-committee

CHAIR - Pram Nayak (Trust)

Paul Hood (Staff)

Scott Markwell (Parent)

Rob Mead (Parent)

Clive Maddison (Head)

Other members – Alison West (School Business Manager)


Staffing and Pay Review sub-committee

CHAIR - Carolyn Deeble (LA)

Suzanne Adcock (Parent)

Pram Nayak (Trust)

Clive Maddison (Head)


Achievement and Pupil Premium sub-committee

CHAIR - Ailsa Nokes (Trust)

Rob Mead (Parent)

Dawn Badminton-Capps (Parent)

Lisa Harvey (Co-opted)

Clive Maddison (Head)

Other members - Clare Clougher (Deputy Head)



Appeals Committee

This committee meets when an appeal is made for admission to school. In the last four years, one appeal has been made. The committee would be made up of the Headteacher, the Chair of Governors and two other governors. The governors will rotate the role of providing the other two members.