School Admissions

Current Admissions

Children are admitted to school in the September of the academic year in which they are five. This admissions process is at present organised by the local authority and school has no ownership of it.

The Local Education Authority determine how many pupils can be admitted in each school – the Pupil Admission Number. This varies from school to school; for Ravenswood the number is 90 in each year group.

If a year group is full and parents wish their child to be admitted, they can appeal to the Appeals Panel at the Civic Centre – tel: 2787878 and ask for ‘school admissions’. 

More information can be found on the local authority’s website via this link

Below are our admission policies. (Click on link to open)


Reception Admissions 2018-2019

Reception Admissions 2019-2020

Reception Admissions 2020-2021


Nursery Admissions

Applications for Nursery class can be made directly with the school office and are welcomed all year round.  The closing date for applications for Nursery September 2019 is Monday 25th March 2019.