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Finding the Fallen - Local History


Celebrating our Local Heroes

Remembering the Fallen in Byker and Heaton Cemetery

No community was untouched by the ravages of the Great War. What began on a wave of patriotism in an expectation that the war ‘would be over by Christmas’, descended into a resigned struggle for survival and, at times, a distant hope that a breakthrough would bring victory.

Families lost fathers and sons. Some families paid an even higher price with both or several of their male family members claimed by the war. The slaughter of so many hundreds of thousands of young men led many to talk of the failed promise of a ‘lost generation’.

The purpose of this project has been to ‘rescue’ this lost generation from anonymity and to explain how the war impacted upon Heaton. It is hoped that through this study our young people will begin to understand why the war was fought, the sacrifices that were made, and the changes it wrought on our community in Heaton.

A series of lessons, activities, and sources, are provided for teachers to support pupils in their investigations of this major turning point in the history of the world. Whilst the lessons are arranged sequentially, teachers can best decide what they want to teach and when. We hope pupils will find this project both informative and challenging.


Class Teachers Y6 - Ravenswood Primary School
Patricia Bates
Andrew Gretton
Edward Brown

Schools Project Managers
Peter Hepplewhite
Neil Tonge

Heaton History Society
Chris Jackson
Arthur Andrews

Kate Hancock - Artist

Newcastle University Robinson Library special collections
Newcastle Journal
Tyne and Wear Archives Museum
Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand


Heritage lottery Fund FW-14-08086

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Alliances downloads:


Alliances - Activity Cards.pdf

Alliances - Europe's Armies 1914.pdf                                        

Alliances - Lesson Plan.pdf

Alliances - Sources.pdf

Alliances - Sources.pptx

Eve of War

Heaton on the eve of war downloads:

Heaton Spies - Beers Family Documents.pdf

Heaton Spies - Beers Family Story.pdf

Heaton Spies - Census.pdf

Heaton Spies - Lesson Plan.pdf

Heaton Spies - Questions.pdf

Heaton Spies - William Horsley.pdf

Heaton Spies - Activity - Judgements.pdf

Heaton Spies - Questions.pptx
(Powerpoint file)

Trade Directories - Activity.pdf

Trade directories - Lesson Plan.pdf


Cemetery search downloads:

Casualties - pictures of graves.pdf

Casualty Record Example.pdf

(Excel spreadsheet)

Cemetery plan without specific graves marked.pdf

Cemetery search card.pdf

Names for research.pdf

Local Hero Walter Craig - Lesson Plan.pdf

Local Hero Walter Craig - Sources.pdf

WW1 headstones - Alex Hearn - Lesson plan.pdf

WW1 headstones - Alex Hearn - Source.pdf

WW1 Headstones in Byker and Heaton Cemetery - Lesson Plan.pdf

WW1 Headstones in Byker and Heaton Cemetery - Record Sheet.pdf

Heaton at War

Heaton at war downloads:

1st Northern General Hospital - Maths Activity.pdf

1st Northern General Principal's Report - Lesson Plan.pdf

1st Northern General Principal's Report - Source.pdf

Heaton The Belgian Connection - Lesson Plan.pdf

Heaton The Belgian Connection - Source.pdf

LP Zeppelin Raid 14 April 1915 (Heaton) - Lesson Plan.pdf

LP Zeppelin Raid 14 April 1915 (Heaton) - Sources.pdf

The Response - image.pdf

The Response - Lesson Plan.pdf

The Sinking of the Lusitania - Lesson Plan.pdf

The Sinking of the Lusitania - Sources.pdf

The Sinking of the Lusitania - Sources.pptx
(Powerpoint file)