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Ravenswood Primary School

Summer Daily Exercises

Please find below the ‘daily exercises’ for your child to complete each day over the seven week break. They looks very different to the home learning packs. There is a maths and writing daily exercise which should take about five minutes each. This learning is not new; it is a revision of material they are expected to know by the end of their current year group. This work does not need to be printed out but we do want pupils to record their work in a notebook. You can either purchase your own notebook or collect one from the school office by Friday 17th July. Your child should bring this notebook to school on Tuesday 8th September so that they can share it with their new class teacher.

It is also important that your child spends some time reading each day. We have attached some links in the daily exercises to e-books and there are different ideas each week to develop comprehension skills.

Your child should also be encouraged to take part in some physical exercise each day. This could be a walk, bike ride, game of cricket in the park, a workout with Joe Wicks … anything that gets them up, moving and having fun! Exercise is vital for our mental health and well-being as well as keeping us physically fit.

Please build these ‘daily exercises’ into your daily routine over the summer holiday. It might be a good idea to do the 5 minutes of maths and 5 minutes of writing first thing in the morning when your child is fresh and full of energy. The reading and physical exercise could be something you do later in the day.

These exercises will be most effective if they are done for a short period every day Monday to Friday. Please don’t wait until the last week of the holiday and then try to complete them all.

Summer Learning Exercises by year group

- Click on the link to download your child's year group's folder.

Year Five

Year Four

Year Three

Year Two 

Year One