Year 5

At last some photos of our trip to Robinwood.

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This half term we have been researching famous scientists and creating Wikipedia style pages to show the information in. Here are Class 17's.

As part of Science Week Year 5 have been learning about where our food comes from, how it is produced and different types of farms. We had a very enjoyable day at Newcastle University's Nafferton Farm, just along the A69. Here are a few picture from the day.








In dance this half term the whole year group has been working on depicting the attack on Lindisfarne by the Vikings in 793. Hope you enjoy the resulting performance.


Yr 5+6 Football - October 2018

Times Tables Rock Stars

We have given all pupils a user name and password for the Times Tables Rock Stars website so they can practice and improve their tables knowledge. It is a fun and entertaining way to help them learn.

The Times Tables Rock Stars website can be reached from this link.


We have started the year in Computing working on making a program that will not only count but will be able to test your tables! If you would like to see what we have done so far then you will need the offline scratch 2 editor, which you can download HERE

Class 16 files

Class 17 files

Class 18 files

All folders are zipped so just download them onto your computer, then right click on the folder and select "Extract all" from the menu.


If you are going to Robinwood then you might need another copy of the suggested kit list.You can download it HERE.

The Robinwood site we are going to is called Barhaugh Hall near Alston. The Robinwood website can be found HERE.


Welcome to Year 5.

Here is the Year 5 transition powerpoint from Tuesday 11th September.

Click here to download the tables flash cards.