Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Resources for home

Tuesday 8th February was Safer Internet Day. This is a link to a resource that includes a video with top tips for keeping children safe online and has a variety of links to other online sites to help keep your child safer when on the Internet.
Social stories about returning to school
Returning to school social story (simple)
Returning to school social story (including COVID info)
Returning to school social story Key Stage 2
Home schedules and Visual Timetables

Many children respond well to the structure of the school day and this can be difficult to replicate at home. Here is an example home schedule which you may find helpful for organising long days at home.

An example schedule for home learning (PDF)


At school, we use picture symbols that match to the different activities to show what we will be doing in a day. This is particularly helpful for younger children, children who struggle with reading or organising themselves, or children with ASD and related differences. You might find these symbols helpful:

Symbols for a visual timetable - home symbols (PDF)
Symbols for a visual timetable - school symbols (PDF)
Symbols for a visual timetable - getting up routine (PDF)
Symbols for a visual timetable - going to bed routine (PDF)


9 Reasons to use visuals to help your child (PDF)



Explaining Coronavirus

Some of our pupils will benefit from some these stories and visual explanations.

Coronavirus: A book for children (PDF)
Simple story to explain what COVID is (A social story) (PDF)
Handwashing symbols (PDF)
Staying safe from Germs (PDF)


Sensory Play Ideas


At home sensory play ideas (PDF)