Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week Beginning 13th July 2020

STOP PRESS - There is a last minute addition to the Ravenswood YouTube channel today. Mr MacDermott is leaving today and Miss Williams has been up to tricks again with a video for him. We hope you like it!!



We have had a lovely week with Year 6, including three Leavers Days! Some Year 6 finished on Tuesday, others on Thursday and then our key families all finished on Friday. It has been a very strange ending to a very strange year, but I think everyone has enjoyed it. Here are some photos of the bubbles.






We have uploaded this year’s Leavers’ Assembly to the school YouTube channel. It is very sad not to be having a live assembly, but I think we are saving money on tissues. The link to the assembly is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiNJxdGLWp8

Here is a link to the Year 6 PowerPoint that they produced about their memories of Ravenswood. 


Thanks go to the five staff who are leaving us this week. Mrs Virtue, Miss Uddin and Mrs English are leaving our teaching assistant team to go on to new jobs and we wish them all well. Mr Shaikh is moving to teach in Zurich. He has only been with us for one year, but he has been a huge hit with the children and we will all miss him. He has a great future ahead of him as a teacher. Hopefully, Zurich will be too expensive and he will return to Newcastle and Ravenswood! Mr MacDermott is also moving away to Gillingham to do his teacher training. I am delighted that he has decided to get this qualification and know that he will be a great addition to the profession. I hope he has a great year and you never know, he might be back in a different role in the near future.

Sports Day

Thanks to everyone who took part in our remote Sports Day.

Our EYFS and Key Stage 1 winners were Class 5!

Our joint Key Stage 2 winners were Class 12 and Class 21!

The class that won the prize for most participation from home were Class 14!

Our individual event winners were -

EYFS/KS1 Champions




Class 5





Class 3


Long jump



Class 8


High jump



Class 5


KS2 Champions




Class 21





Class 21


Long jump



Class 16


High jump



Class 18



Year group winners were

  • Reception – Class 1
  • Year 1 – Class 5
  • Year 2 – Class 9
  • Year 3 – Class 12
  • Year 4 – Class 13
  • Year 5 – Class 18
  • Year 6 – Class 21

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who took part. Mrs Wilson has put together a fabulous video with some photos of the events both at home and at school. You can see this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBCHF-NJ_nI


So that is it for a very strange year. At the moment, we are looking forward to having everyone back in school in September. I have put our risk assessment for September on the website in the Policies section under the “Our School” tab. You will also find the “Rules and Procedures” document there.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our children and families for bearing with us through this period. I know there have been a lot of emails to read and that lots of children have really missed school. We have missed them as well.

I also want to say a huge thank you to our governors and staff. At times, the constant change and the need to respond quickly and make some difficult decisions has been a little overwhelming, but with their support and expertise, we have made it through. The teachers have adapted amazingly well to the new restrictions and have worked extremely hard to provide in-school lessons and remote learning. Our governors have been involved every step of the way and have had to do a lot of reading and take part in some rather long Zoom meetings. We couldn’t have done this without this amazing support.

Have a great summer, stay safe and we will see you all on Tuesday 8th September.