Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week Beginning 15th June 2020

How lovely it has been to welcome half of Year 1 back this week. Here is a photo of some of them hard at work in Class 6.


It has been very reassuring to see how well they have all adjusted to being back in school. We have been able to crack on with some great teaching and learning and it has felt like a really productive week. This makes me very hopeful for the time when we can welcome everyone back.

I had a chat with two of the children yesterday to get their views on coming back to school. Here are a few of their thoughts.

It has been great to be back. The best bit is seeing all of our friends again.

Being in bubbles is fine. We are only allowed in some places, but it is easy to stay there.

My sister was crying because she wanted to come back to school as well. She even asked if she could dress up as me!

I really liked the maths lessons because we were learning all about money.

The rest of the Year 1 children will be with us next week. There are slightly more of them pushing our numbers up to 150 children in school. Most year groups are now at their capacity for key worker families and almost all of these children are now full time, which is great. The Reception outdoor classroom is starting to look like real school!


This week, we have also completed our classes for the final three weeks of term, when we look forward to welcoming back Year 6.

School reports are being given out in a slightly staggered way this year. The plan is as follows.

  • The Year 1 children in school will have taken theirs home at the end of school today and we will give the other Year 1 children in school their reports next Friday (26th June).
  • All other children in school will receive their reports on Friday 3rd July, which is the normal report day.
  • Year 6 children who are in group B classes will get theirs on Monday 6th July.
  • We will post out reports to all children not in school during the week of 29th June, so you should receive these by 3rd July.

The reports will tell you who the class teacher is for next year and we will be asking these teachers to contact pupils before the end of term with a little “welcome” message. We are also looking at creating some work to be done over the summer holiday to help keep everyone on track for a September return. The guidance from the government about September is still very vague, but I am hopeful that I will be able to give you a clear idea of what September will look like before we break up.

News next week about “Sports Day”, which we hope everyone will take part in either at home or at school.

Stay safe!