Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

It has been another great week at Ravenswood. I hope everyone working from home has taken advantage of the glorious weather; we certainly have at school with lots of outdoor learning and lots of sport. I have to admit that at times, the heat has forced us back into the classrooms to cool down.

Miss Skillen has been fishing in the pond with her class and finding out all about our fabulous newts. You can find out more on the Year 2 page.


With the second group of Year 1 pupils joining us this week, numbers have risen to just short of 150 children in school. I am delighted to say that 61% of Year 1 felt confident enough to return to school, even for this short visit. The children have had a great week and the teachers have been delighted with the work that has been produced. I hope this has been a useful “reboot” for them all and has given parents a well-earned break from home learning.

Next week we start to welcome our Year 6 children back. 84% of them are coming in and they are all getting for seven days across the final three weeks, which is fantastic. We are really looking forward to seeing them all.

Sports Day

Sports Day is such a great tradition at Ravenswood that we didn’t want to lose because of the virus. We will therefore be holding it remotely! There are four events for your child to take part in. These will require some use of technology to be able to record the results. This can either be old fashioned technology like tape measures and digital watches, or new technology using Apps on your devices. I think all mobile phones have a stopwatch hidden somewhere and there are now reasonably accurate virtual tape measures which are available. I have used one called “Tape Measure” believe it or not!

The four events are

Event 1 - Sprint

Measure 40 metres for key stage 2 pupils/20 metres for Key Stage 1 and EYFS pupils on a nearby field or along a safe back lane. Sprint 40/20 metres and record your time to the nearest second.


Event 2 – Throw

Use a tennis ball or any ball of a similar size. Throw the ball as far as you can. Measure the distance thrown to the nearest metre.

Event 3 - Long Jump

Stand still with two feet together and toes touching a line. Jump as far as you can. Mark the point where your back heel lands. Measure from the line to the mark in centimetres.

Event 4 - High Jump

Stand beside a wall (the smoother the better!). With feet flat on the ground, stretch up and mark the point on the wall that your fingertips can reach. Then jump as high as you can and mark the highest point you can reach. Find the difference between these two points in centimetres.


We will be doing this with all of the children that are in school in the next two weeks. If you want to take part, all you need to do is collect your child’s results and send them to me by 10th July. You can use the link below to send them on Microsoft Forms or you can email them to me.

We would also love to receive any photographs or short videos of your child taking part.

LINK - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=1FHki3M0o02lSREa1fQVa4xGgRZRhI1LiDWlty9y0TlUQjFBOVcwVFVISE9ZM0NONkdLTkhOMlg3UC4u

Points will be given for taking part and for each child’s ranked position across the year group. Each class will be up against the other classes in their year group. We will then have a virtual presentation to announce the winners.

So get those trainers on and get practising!