Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Whisper it quietly, but things seem to be looking positive for a full return in September. The city’s education leaders, unions and public health all got together on Wednesday and had a very positive meeting about progress towards this. They reported to all schools that -

The number of new infections in Newcastle remains very low. So low, in fact, that the numbers can’t be published without risking identification of individuals. Therefore the risk of meeting anyone with Covid-19 is significantly lower now than it was in March. The local picture is similar in terms of our nearest neighbouring authorities, and although there are some pockets of raised infection numbers in some areas of the region, overall numbers of infections in the North East are lower than the national average. There is very regular liaison between Public Health colleagues locally. In addition, Public Health are able to monitor and respond to outbreaks quickly. So, for Newcastle, the current health information supports planning for more pupils in schools. Going forward, we will also be able to provide regular updates on the health situation so that if the situation changes we can respond quickly.

This should make us feel more confident, although we all need to stay safe so that this situation continues to improve.

The school’s risk assessment is with our governors at the moment for final checking and alteration and I hope to publish it by the middle of next week. Along with this, we are preparing a letter to all parents about how we will keep everyone safe in September. This will hopefully include all of the day to day things that you will all want to know. My plan is to get this to you next week and then resend it to you in the final week of the summer holidays. It may change as the national restrictions change over the summer holiday and some of the organisation in school will hopefully continue to relax, but we will be monitoring this.

We would normally be gearing up for the big end of year celebrations, which have obviously had to change. My daughter Isobel is editing a Leavers Assembly video as we speak, which we will share in classes and will be available as part of the final blog of the year. I will try to get this out on Thursday next week, so anyone at home can “celebrate” the end of term with us.

It has been lovely to have the other half of Year 6 with us this week. Nearly all of them are with us next week, again in two groups, so we will be having a leaver’s day on Tuesday for half of Year 6, Thursday for the other half of Year 6 and then Friday for all of our key families. That means that our Year 6 children in key families will get three Leavers’ Days. They will be glad when it’s all over! School will close at 12:45 again next Friday and it will be a non-uniform day for everyone.

This week has been packed with learning again. It would usually be full of frantic Sports Day practice, but the weather and the lack of a Sports Day have put paid to that! Thanks to everyone who joined in from home. I will be announcing the winning classes from each year group next week in the blog.

Reception had a fabulous Pirates Day on Thursday, which even included walking the plank! Here are some photos of the pirates and their picnic!


Have a great weekend. I will be in touch with everyone next week