Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week Beginning 8th June 2020

I was sat in the office yesterday working hard as usual(!) when I heard the noise of children drifting along the corridor. I was marching off to find out what was going on when Mrs Clougher reminded me that this was the sound of a school at work! It’s great to be in a busier school. Goodness knows how I will cope when everyone is back!

This week we have had 107 pupils in school in fifteen classrooms. Many of the year groups are “full” and we are now assuming that all key worker parents who require a place have got one.

The next excitement will be welcoming half of Year 1 back on Monday. 64% of the Year 1 pupils are coming into school over the next two weeks and it will be great to see them again, even for a short time. We have now sent invites to all Year 6 pupils to come back and join us in the final three weeks of school. They will get one full week and then two additional days in the final week of their primary school career. The take up for this looks even higher, which is brilliant.

The media is full of questions and ideas about schooling in September. Schools and the government need to work together to decide what education looks like when we return for the new academic year. I desperately hope that the virus is well under control by then and we can invite all pupils back. We may need to continue to keep classes together in some sort of “bubble” and there will be a greater emphasis on hand and respiratory hygiene form now on, but fingers crossed we will all be in together.

If things don’t change at all, then the Welsh approach of one third of the class in at any one time would seem to be the only way forward. In my opinion, all this talk of theatres and libraries providing additional school places just doesn’t work. We would need to triple the number of teachers across the whole country in just seven weeks and I really wouldn’t want to complete the risk assessment for children going to school at The People’s Theatre, for example.

The only other change that seems to be out there is a reduction in the 2 metre rule. I have set up a classroom using a 1 metre rule and, as you will see in the picture, it is better, but still only caters for up to fifteen children. This would therefore require a half class rota system.


Whatever happens, Ravenswood will be doing its very best to cater for as many children as the rules allow. And for now, I will sit and wait for the next guidance document.