Week beginning 15th July 2019

What a fantastic end to the school year.

Monday kicked off with a sunny Sports Day. The children were fantastic and we had great crowds for both events, which the children love. There were some excellent athletic performances and everyone had a great time. The Key Stage 2 winners this year were Mr Gretton’s Class, just one point ahead of Mrs Riley and Mrs Shiels’ class.


Throughout the week we have had celebration assemblies for our Nursery and Reception children. Thanks to everyone who attended and I hope you are enjoying looking through your child’s work.

Thanks to the Friends of Ravenswood for a fabulous celebration day on Wednesday when we had the inflatables again. This is becoming a bit of a tradition and the children (and staff) really love it.

On Thursday, our leaving events started with a big dance for Mrs Bates who is retiring this summer. She has taught in Newcastle for 30 years and has had a huge influence on the children in our school and at West Jesmond. We will miss her outstanding teaching as well as her ability to keep us all well organised. She has promised to be available for supply, so I hope she will continue to be part of the Ravenswood family.


And on Friday, we had our Leavers’ Assembly. It was a really emotional presentation this year and we will truly miss this amazing group of young people. They have been fantastic students and completely committed to the school ethos. We will also miss their lovely families, who have been a constant support to the school. We wish them all well.


So, that only leaves me to wish everyone a lovely and relaxing summer break. It all starts again on Tuesday September 3rd.