Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 18th March 2019

First of all, a huge thankyou to everyone who came along to the parent meetings this week; it was another fantastic turn out. I hope you found the meeting useful.

It has been a very busy week of meetings. On Monday, the full governing body met for their termly meeting. We had a visitor talking to us about safeguarding in schools and she was very impressed by the governor turnout. We take this for granted and often don’t celebrate the fact that our governors work incredibly hard for the school, so this gives me a great opportunity to thank them all. Some of them met again on Friday for the Finance and Premises Committee, which was a particularly important meeting where we looked at the proposed budgets for the next two years and where we might make savings should the government not increase school funding.

On Tuesday, Miss Lowther, Mrs Kennedy and I worked with staff from the Ouseburn Learning Trust, the local authority and one of our governors to observe some of the support that we give to our children with specific learning needs. Each of the OLT schools is completing a Special Educational Needs review and the SEN coordinators will then get together and see how we can support and learn from each other to further improve our provision across the Trust.

Year 5 had a great visit to Heaton Manor on Tuesday afternoon. They took part in a sports lesson, a chemistry lesson and a lesson in Mandarin. They all really enjoyed it and it was a good introduction to the school that many of them will transfer to in a year and a half’s time.

My classroom observations have continued with some real variety this week. I spent time with all of Year 1, seeing Class 4 do gymnastics, Class 5 do some geography and Class 6 do computing. I also managed to see Class 11’s history lesson on how to recruit Roman soldiers and Class 13’s science lesson on volume. It was a pleasure to spend time with these classes and I saw some fantastic teaching.

On Wednesday, Mrs West and I visited Tyneview Primary School to look at their new heating system. The city council are currently half way through a long term project of replacing the heating systems across the older schools in Newcastle and it will be our turn soon. Our lovely big cast iron radiators are rotting from the inside and are expected to start leaking in the near future. The replacement system isn’t pretty, I’m afraid, but it is more efficient and maintains a better classroom heat. Water fed convector heaters will be placed in all of the large areas, such as classrooms and halls and new radiators will be in the smaller offices. This work is likely to start in September and will mean that classes will need to move out of their classroom for a few days while the work is done. The new system will be installed and then the old radiators will be removed. This will be paid for by the city council.

As you can see from the photo, this week has seen the installation of the fence around the new pitch, which is almost complete. We should see the mat and carpet delivered next week, so we are still slightly ahead of schedule.

And finally, just a quick reminder about Tuesday’s In the Loop meeting. Julian Hughes will be joining us to give us an update on keeping our children safe on line and there will be a chance to discuss what is happening and school at the moment. Please feel free to come along and join us.