Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 1st February 2021

I am delighted to say that it has been a much quieter week from a COVID point of view and on Friday all of the self-isolation periods due to school cases were completed. There are still a few families isolating due to parent cases and we wish everyone a speedy recovery. The Newcastle case numbers continue to lead the way locally in steadily reducing, although they are still relatively high. Press and politicians seem to be getting excited about schools returning in March and we have everything crossed at Ravenswood that this will happen. For now, continue to stay safe and follow the guidelines, as it is this that has helped the city to do so well.

Thanks to everyone who sent a response to the home learning survey. There were 277 surveys filled in, which is amazing. The governors are meeting to review the survey on Tuesday and to look at the staff survey, which we did at the same time. The headlines are that 94% of children are doing at least half of the home learning packs with 70% doing most or all of them. 92% of families are finding it easy to get on to Seesaw with 95% are receiving feedback on their child’s work. Feedback is proving extremely popular with parents and staff are working hard to make it as useful as possible. There were also lots of lovely comments and some great suggestions, which we will be looking to address.

If your child isn’t using Seesaw, then please encourage them to. Next week, teachers, myself and Mr Laurie will be contacting families who haven’t posted on Seesaw to check that all is well and to find out if we can help to get your child on to this platform.

We have continued to send out iPads to families this week. Next week we are receiving some laptops from the government and so if you still need a device, please let me know.

As for what is happening in school, we are dodging the rain and getting outside when we can. It is very different weather from the first lockdown! Two students from Newcastle University are starting with us next week. Miss Mossop will be with Miss Taylor in Year 1 and Miss Kennedy will be with Mrs Heron and Mrs Armstrong in Year 5. The children continue to work hard and I think we are all looking forward to February half term. Just a reminder to key workers that the training day on 22nd February has been cancelled, so school will be open that day.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting their children at home with their learning. Remember to post the daily exercises on Seesaw or Tapestry and feel free to use these platforms to seek help if you need it.

Stay safe.