Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 1st July 2019

The main event this week has been the visit of two schools from Optical Valley in Wuhan. Schools Number 1 and Number 2 spent Monday and Tuesday in school and then we all went to the beach with our friends from West Jesmond on Wednesday. They spent the end of the week at West Jesmond Primary, before heading back to visit Cambridge, Oxford and London and will head back home on 10th July.

The buddies this week have been amazing and have made our guests feel incredibly welcome. Thanks to all of them.

It all starts again on Monday when 22 pupils and 4 staff from School Number 15 join us. They will be here on Monday, Thursday and Friday and will visit West Jesmond Primary on Tuesday and the beach on Wednesday.

Here are some photos of the week.

                           Arrival                                                                  Welcome Assembly


                        School Number 1                                                         School Number 2


           Meeting Buddies                         End of a busy day                             Exchanging gifts


                                                                 The Beach Trip


Our Year 6 pupils who will transfer to Heaton Manor in September spent two days at their new school this week and had a great time.

On Wednesday, the choir went to Sage Gateshead for The Big Sing, where they sang beautifully and fully enjoyed a great concert.

Reports went out on Friday afternoon, so there will be lots of excitement this weekend about next year’s teacher. I hope you enjoy reading your child’s report. The staff spend many hours putting these together and celebrating the year’s work and progress. I would like to thank them for all of this work and for knowing the children so well.

On Saturday 6th July, from 12 – 2pm, we will be holding our Summer Fair. If you are free, please come along and support us.