Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 20th January 2020

It’s work-work- work here at Ravenswood at the moment. This is always the best term for cracking on with some great learning, as we have very few interruptions from things like Christmas, SATs or summer celebrations. I am delighted to report that all of the children are now well into this half term’s topics and are enjoying their learning.

On Monday we had a visit from my boss – our School Achievement Partner. We are very lucky to have Sue Waugh from Gateshead Education as our partner, as she is an Ofsted inspector and has great experience as a teacher, Deputy and Headteacher. She visits us once a term and on this visit we decided to look at the teaching of History across the school. It was a very interesting morning, looking at children’s books, but sadly we didn’t get time to do any pupil interviews. Mrs Clougher and I decided to do this on Tuesday and so we spent a fantastic day talking to children from Year 1 to Year 6 about history and what they thought about our lessons. The children were very enthusiastic about this subject and they have produced some fantastic work already this year. What was most pleasing was that they had a clear understanding that History was finding out about people and events of the past and that these things had happened in a definite order. As the children got older, we quizzed them about what they had learnt in previous years and again they surprised us with the detail of knowledge that they had retained.

We, like all schools, are very interested in what children are learning and retaining in their primary years. There has been a huge change in the way the government and Ofsted are reviewing the work of schools. Instead of simply looking at the results in maths and English as the main, and sometimes only, focus of an inspection, the new inspection framework looks at the whole child and the whole curriculum. This is a much better reflection of a school and its work and really suits our broad and balanced curriculum.

Feel free to ask your child about History in school and see what they are learning. Our History topics this year are as follows.

Reception – Changes in living memory of ourselves, our parents and our grandparents

Year 1 – Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, Victorian schools, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II

Year 2 – Pirates, Grace Darling, Florence Nightingale, The Great Wall of China

Year 3 – The Stone Age, The Ancient Egyptians, The Romans in Britain

Year 4 – Victorian Britain and the British Empire, Victorian inventions

Year 5 – Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Early Baghdad

Year 6 – The Ouseburn Valley, The Ancient Greeks, World War II

The netball team were out at their first competition of the year on Thursday. They had a mixed afternoon, with one win, one draw and two losses. It is early in the season and we know that this experience will help them to improve their match play for later tournaments. More competitions are starting up now, so the sports section of the website will be growing over the next few weeks.

 Yet more clubs have started at Ravenswood. Mr Shaikh now has a Year 6 Chess Club on a Friday and I am running a badminton squad again for Year 6. These clubs have limited space and so we offer them to the oldest children in school, so that everyone can have their turn. Mr Hood has also restarted the Coding Club on a Tuesday evening with help from Newcastle University.

I am starting my teacher observations for this term and I had a very enjoyable gym lesson with Class 3 this morning. It was great to see excellent agility, balance and coordination in our youngest students.

Finally, I would like to extend our thoughts and good wishes to the city of Wuhan at the moment. This is the city which I was lucky to visit two years ago and from where we welcomed three schools on a visit here last summer. I hope that they are soon able to control and contain the virus and that they can return to normal life quickly.