Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 22nd April 2019

Welcome back and Happy Easter. I hope everyone had a great Easter break and that you all enjoyed the amazing Bank Holiday weather.

It has been a short first week back and traditionally this is the quietest half term of the year as we prepare and complete the national SAT tests in Year 2 and Year 6. Having said that, plenty seems to have happened including an invasion of Elmers! There are currently 192 mini Elmers waiting to welcome our Elmer into school in two weeks’ time. Thanks to everyone who took the time over the holiday to make their Elmer. They all look amazing. There will be a new page on the school website where you can keep up to date with Elmer News.


The cricket season got off to a good start with 42 children from across Key Stage 2 turning out for our first practice on Wednesday after school. It was great to see so many Year 3s there, which means there will be strong cricket teams for many years to come.

We have just welcomed back our Year 4s who have been on their first residential to Hawkhirst on the banks of Kielder Water. This is an overnight residential including pioneering, Bell-Boats and a campfire. They have had a fabulous time demonstrating excellent teamwork and wonderful behaviour. They also had an early night and had no trouble getting to sleep. Some dormitories had gone to bed before lights out! This is very unusual, so well done to them all. Look out for photos and more information on the Year 4 page coming soon.

I have completed my classroom observations this week with a great geography lesson with Class 8, where we found out all about Kenya and a fabulous history lesson with Class 12, where we learnt about the Roman invasion of Britain. We pride ourselves on the breadth of education that we offer at Ravenswood and this year’s observations have truly celebrated this breadth and demonstrated fantastic teaching across the school. You would have been as delighted as I was with Year 2’s understanding of the continents of the world and Year 3’s knowledge of how the Romans viewed our little island and what made them decide to travel across Oceanus Britannicus (or The English Channel to you and me!).

Governors met on Thursday to review attendance so far this year, discuss changes to the curriculum and also how to promote the school. On this point, we will be inviting prospective parents for our Reception intake in September 2020 to come and visit school for a chat and a look around. If you know of any families who might be interested, please let them know that the first visit will be on Friday 14th June at 9:30am. Parents can sign up by contacting the school office. Further visits will be held in Autumn Term.

Finally, the pitch is complete and we have been using it for Games lessons this week. It is amazing. We will be holding a grand opening in the very near future.