Week beginning 23rd September 2019

After a week away enjoying myself with Year 6 in Borrowdale, it was back to proper work and catch up time. Having no access to email in The Lakes is lovely, but it does mean that there is a lot of reading and replying to do when you return to “wifi land”.

This week I have started to hold our appraisal meetings for our teaching staff and I am delighted to see how well they know their classes already. We have such a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that the needs of the children are quickly identified and actions put in place. I know many of you have been able to meet your child’s class teacher, either on the yard or in welcome meetings, but for those who haven’t, we do have our first parent consultations starting on 14th October. You should have received a letter to book your place. If you haven’t then please contact the office directly and they will let you know which times are available. In the week leading up to this you will also get the chance to look at your child’s books. These Book Looks are on

  • 8th October – Year 5/6
  • 9th October – Year 1/2
  • 10th October – Year 3/4

Year 6 were quick to continue the outdoor theme with their history trip to the Ouseburn Valley this week. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as good as it had been in Borrowdale and they all returned looking like they had been in the Ouseburn as opposed to beside it! It is such an interesting area and jam packed with history. If you have a Year 6 child then get them to take you on a tour. You will be amazed.

On Thursday, Key Stage 2 had a visit from children’s author Sam Copeland. He was great with the children, performing in front of about 200 children in each session, sharing some of his stories and answering the children’s questions. We were joined by some of our friends from Chillingham Road and Cragside Primary. The event was organised by Waterstones and we have bought copies of two of his books for the school library. They are very good.


Two of our governor committees met this week. Staffing Committee met with my boss to do my appraisal, check that I was behaving myself and to set targets for me for the coming year. On Friday, Finance Committee met to monitor the budget and review our ideas for spending for 2019-20. There are lots of promises in politics at the moment, but as yet nothing definite to improve the financial position in schools.

It is individual photographs next Wednesday at school and you should all have had a request form for this. If you have groups of children in school and you want a joint photograph, then there was a section on the form for this. We did have one request for a family photograph, but not in school uniform. I am sorry to say that we can’t do this, as it is a school photo service.

Finally, we are holding our first prospective parents meetings next Tuesday for the September 2020 Nursery and Reception intake. We have a link on the News section to our flyer for this year’s open visits. This flyer has been sent to the local nursery schools, but if you, or anyone you know, would like a place for a child at Ravenswood in September 2020 and would like to come on a visit, then please contact the office to book a place.