Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 3rd February 2020

First of all, I hope you like the new home page photographs. We are very lucky to have Mr Hood, a great photographer, on our staff and some very photogenic pupils!

I have been sharing some lovely lessons again this week with classes across the school. I have seen lessons in gymnastics, history, art and French and spent some time in the Nursery. It is always a great pleasure to be in the classroom and be able to see just how much excitement the curriculum offers to our pupils. As regular readers know, we are on a journey to decide exactly what knowledge Ravenswood pupils should take away with them to be able to use for the rest of their lives. I was very impressed with Class 7’s knowledge of primary colours and how to use them to create secondary colours in their landscape paintings and I was knocked out by Class 18’s understanding of “invasion” in the different historical periods that they have covered so far. These key bits of knowledge will ensure that, as they move through their education, the building blocks are in place for them to make the next steps of progress.

The Reception classes have been having their careers event this week looking at people who help us. On Monday, Mr Reid, one of our parents, came in and shared his experiences from his trip to the Antarctic and on Tuesday, the Police came in to talk about their job and to show the children round a police car. Hopefully that will be the last time they see the inside of one! On Friday we had two doctors, Liz one of the school cleaning staff, a personal trainer and a yoga teacher.

Many thanks to all of the parents who gave up valuable time to help us. The children loved meeting them. Have a look on their year group page for some more photos.

Thanks to all of our Nursery parents who joined us for Stay and Play on Thursday. This was a lovely chance to share their learning.

The latest edition of the school newspaper is on sale from Monday for 20p, with articles ranging from Australian Bush Fires to Vincent Van Gogh and there is a very tasty Chow Mein recipe for budding chefs.

The football season got up and running again this week with the team getting two impressive league wins on Thursday night. Next week we have the Year 4 rugby team at the Ouseburn Learning Trust competition, so good luck to them.

On Tuesday, The Friends of Ravenswood are holding their Movie Night. The older children will be watching Toy Story 4 and there will be a selection of short films for the younger children. At the time of writing, there are still a few tickets left, so please contact the office if you need any.

Finally, a plumbing update. City Works have decided that there may be asbestos under the floors and so want to do the investigation work at half term. We will do our best to get this completed during half term, but there may be some disruption on our return to school.