Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 4th April 2022


The headline today is that Easter break starts on Friday 8th April and we return to school on Monday 25th April. I hope that everyone has a lovely Easter break and that everyone travelling stays safe.

I write this from the middle of a “Break the Rules Day” at school. We have just had assemblies where the children sat wherever they wanted, in their favourite clothes, adorned in crazy hairstyles, make-up and jewellery. They are all having a ball, but coping really well with understanding which are breakable rules and what needs to stay in place so that we all remain safe and respectful. It’s lovely that we can have days like this and a really good talking point about why we have certain rules. Thanks for all of your contributions to the Friends of Ravenswood funds. This will allow us to get events up and running again in the summer term.

Year 4 went to Hawkhirst on Monday and Tuesday. They had a great time and came back very tired. I understand that paddling their bell-boats in the strong winds was a real challenge. That is the last of this year’s residential trips, but we are already boked up for next year.


Father Jonathan visited school on Tuesday to help the children to understand Easter. The children always enjoy seeing him and taking part in his assemblies.

Mr Laurie and I have been teaching this week, as we have had a bit of a staff shortage and supply teachers are hard to come by, so apologies for not being around as much as usual. There are two staff off with COVID, but we have other staff off injured with broken wrists and broken knees. We are hoping that everyone recovers well and that they will be back after Easter

It has been an amazing half term. World Book Day Week, Science Week, Book Look, Parent Consultations, In the Loop, Robinwood and Hawkhirst, added to all of the fantastic lessons and visits that are part and parcel of being at Ravenswood. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all of their hard work. We are looking forward to an equally exciting Summer Term.