Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 4th March 2019

What an exciting start to March! The team from STM have been working their socks off this week doing the ground work for the new pitch. They have been onsite from 6:30 in the morning through until the early evening digging out the topsoil, creating the drainage system and levelling the site. On Friday they started to bring in the stone, which will sit as the base layer under the pitch, and they hope to be putting the tarmac layer on top of this by the end of next week. Some parents have asked about the large pile of soil that is on the far side of the pitch. This will be compacted down and create a small mound, which has two purposes. Its main job is to deaden the sound from the pitch for our neighbours on Addycombe Terrace, but it will also provide a viewing position for any competitions that take place. It will be landscaped and seeded, so we will need to give it time to establish once the pitch is complete.


                  Friday 1st March "Before!"                            Wednesday 6th March - Levelling the soil


      Friday 8th March 6:30am The first stone arrives                  Friday 8th March - Taking shape

On Wednesday, our Boccia Team went to the city competition and returned unbeaten, with five wins and one draw. This means that they have qualified for the county finals later this month. Boccia is a game similar to bowls and was designed as an inclusive sport for athletes with disabilities. It is great fun and the team had a fantastic time and represented the school brilliantly.

On Thursday it was World Book Day. Thanks to everyone who helped create the costumes. The children looked amazing and had a fantastic day with lots of reading activities, as well as a visit from a different teacher, who shared one of their favourite books with the class. We also welcomed The Book Bus from The Book People for the first time. This was a huge success and offered the chance for everyone to buy books at a reduced price. School will get 15% of the day’s takings to spend on books, which will help us to continue to build our stock of books in the library.

We have done half of our Pupil Progress Meetings this week, discussing the children in Reception and Years 1, 3 and 4. Regular readers will know how valuable I find these meetings. It is a great chance to find out about how each child’s learning is progressing and what we need to do next for them. The teachers know your children so well and always leave me feeling both impressed and very proud of their work. I know that you will feel the same when you come to your parent meetings.  

My classroom observations continued this week with visits to Classes 2, 8, 16 and 19. I saw reading and writing in Class 2, a games lesson with Class 16 and two history lessons in Classes 8 and 19. It was really interesting to see the two history lessons, as they both focussed on finding out about the historical period by studying objects from that time. It was great to see how the learning progresses from Year 2 to Year 6.

We finished the week on Friday with a beautiful sound coming from the KS2 hall. The choir are very lucky to be working with the Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir for the next few Fridays; a project that culminates in a performance, which is going to be well worth hearing. The choirs are very busy in school at the moment. They are working towards the Ouseburn Learning Trust City Hall concert, the Voices of Virtue performance and Sage Gateshead’s Big Sing performances, which both the main choir and mini choir will be taking part in.

Next week we have Book Looks. Due to class outings, we have had to swap the order slightly, so it will be Year 3 and 4 on Tuesday, Year 1 and 2 on Wednesday and Year 5 and 6 on Thursday. You should have received a letter to tell us whether or not you are coming along. If you haven’t, there is a copy available on the website. Please do return this, as in Autumn Term we had far more parents than we expected and so it was rather squashed in the classrooms. The following week (beginning 18th March) is parent consultations. Again, you should have filled in a form to request a certain time slot. This is being organised by the office this year, so if you haven’t got your time, please contact them next week.