Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 4th November 2019

I hope you all had a good half term and are fully refreshed for a busy run up to Christmas.

This week saw the culmination of five months of hard work by the Drama Club, when they got to perform their Romeo and Juliet at Northern Stage. We started the week with a refresher rehearsal on Monday lunchtime and then went to the theatre on Wednesday morning to do a technical rehearsal and a full dress rehearsal. These allow us to check our lighting and sound cues with the professionals at the theatre and have a first (and final) run through on the real stage. We returned to school at lunchtime for an afternoon of education, before heading back at the theatre for 6pm to have a warm up with the other three schools who were performing with us. This year we were last on the bill and so it was a nervous wait while the other schools performed. I am delighted to report that the cast were magnificent on the night and gave a mature and emotional performance. The children were buzzing after the show and some struggled to get any sleep that night! This is a fantastic opportunity for our young actors and they really did us proud. Well done to the whole cast.

On Thursday evening the football team went off to play their first three league games of the season. It was one of those average nights – one win, one draw and one loss. They will be out again for their second set of fixtures next week, so we wish them luck.

On Friday, it was lovely to show round a group of prospective parents looking for places in next year’s Reception and Nursery classes. I always feel very proud of our school when I get to do this. The children are so welcoming and always excited to see visitors. If you know of any families who are looking for these places, we have two further parent “look arounds” on Tuesday 19th November at 6pm and on Monday 2nd December at 1:30pm. More information is available on the website under the News tab.

We have a new school initiative which has started this year – The Ravenswood School Newspaper. This came about because four of our Year 5 pupils asked Mrs Clougher if they could write it and of course, she agreed. The first newspaper was published in October and sold very well, having to go to print on several occasions and finishing up with sales of 70 copies. This month’s edition will be out next week. The content of the paper is decided by the four editors and guest reporters are invited to send articles in to the editing team whenever they wish. The paper costs 10p per copy and the funds go to covering the production costs, with any extra money going to our agreed charity for the year (which will be announced by School Council in assembly next week). This is a fabulous idea and I would like to thank Tom, Grace, Skye and Esme for all of their hard work so far. If you or your child have any ideas for the paper, please talk to your child about contributing.

Poppies have been on sale this week, so thanks to everyone who has bought one. Remember to wear them proudly to school on Monday when we will be joining in with the national period of silence to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in war.

Finally, we are changing the organisation for our Christmas Fair this year. As you may know, the school is used on Saturdays by a French and a Chinese language school. We are delighted to be able to host these schools at Ravenswood, but it does mean that we can’t run the fair on a Saturday. The Friends of Ravenswood have agreed to trial having the fair immediately after school on Friday 6th December from 3:30 until 5pm. I know this is a real change to tradition, but it may mean that more people are able to attend. All of the usual favourites will be available, so we hope to see everyone there. The Friends will be looking for volunteers to help set up the fair and to run stalls, so if you are interested, please let me, Mrs Clougher or our FOR chairperson, Rowan Miller know. You can contact all of us via the school office or through my email as usual.