Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Week beginning 5th October 2020

The children are all now well settled into their new routines and our focus is very much back on teaching. It almost feels normal and has been a hard working week for everyone. We have been assessing Years 1 and 2 with their phonics knowledge and Year 6 have had a week of practice SATs, which they have approached very maturely and achieved some good scores. Well done to them.

There have been no new Covid cases this week, which is great to report. Lots of families are wearing face masks on the school yard at drop off and pick up and although we won’t enforce this, we do encourage it. The numbers in our area remain high and so the more we can do to protect each other the better. Please don’t allow your children to play with the equipment in the Reception outdoor classroom. This equipment is split into three bubbles for each class and so we don’t want to cross-contaminate this before or after school.

Congratulations to Helen Taylor and Louise Cockburn, who you have voted in as our new Parent Governors. Their three children are in Years 1, 3 and 6, so we have a good spread of experience joining the governing body. Thanks to everyone who stood and to everyone that voted.

We had a full governors’ meeting on Thursday evening where we discussed the school’s experience of the virus, finding a new Deputy Head and how to help children catch up with their learning. We have decided to leave our risk assessment as it is until half term, when we will consider relaxing some of the measures, including whether to return to teaching maths in ability groups. Hopefully by then we will see the number of infections dropping in our region.

We also took the very difficult decision to cancel this year’s residential trips to Hawkhirst, Robinwood and Borrowdale. You all know how much we value these trips and will understand how sad we are to have to do this, but government guidance is still that no residential trips are allowed until after Christmas at the earliest. I expect this to be extended, but even if it isn’t, then it would not give us enough time to organise the trip or to collect the money. All three trips are now looking for deposits to secure their businesses and we don’t feel confident that we would be able to get this money back. Governors are very keen for us to look forward to summer term and try to arrange some outdoor visits which might give the children a similar experience. We were all in complete agreement that these trips should be started up again in the academic year 2021-22, assuming all is well.

Next week you will be receiving an email with some thoughts about how your child has settled in this year to their new class. This is in place of a parents’ consultation, which we can’t do due to current restrictions. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed in March.

Finally, the chance for a bit of fun, which was suggested by one of our parents. Halloween is on its way and this year we won’t be able to trick or treat, have school discos or have parties with our friends. Instead we have agreed that it would be fun to let the children dress up for the last day of this half term. It is billed as a “Spooky Spectacular”, so that children can wear things to look either spooky or spectacular. I will of course be going for spectacular!! You will receive an email from the Friends of Ravenswood next week with more details.

That is everything for this week.