Week beginning 9th September 2019

It’s amazing how quickly we get back to normality. The summer holidays are just a distant memory.

It has been another lovely week in school, getting all of our systems in place and full timetables up and running in Key Stage 1 and 2. We are now ready to welcome Reception full time from Monday, which I know is always a relief to parents. Thanks for bearing with us for these first two weeks. It really does help all of our children settle in and be very comfortable in their new class.

All of the running events last weekend went very well, from our Friday evening Ravenswood Run through Saturday’s Mini and Junior runs and then onto the Great North Run on Sunday. There is a full report and pictures under the News tab.

I promised I would let you know about clubs at Ravenswood in this week’s Blog. As you will see below, there is going to be quite a lot on offer. Not all of these clubs are up and running yet and there will be other clubs which appear as the year progresses. The clubs in red are delivered by external providers and therefore cost the children to attend, but everything else is led by our amazing teachers, who get no extra money for doing this. I would therefore like to thank them all for their commitment. We are encouraging all pupils to take part in at least one club. Most of these are open clubs, although there are a few, like the football team and the music club, where there is some selection. Popular clubs where we can only have a small number of pupils, such as Art Club, will offer the first term to one group and then offer the club to others on the waiting list in the following terms. We will publish the club list on the website and keep it updated as new clubs are added.


Before school

12:00 – 12:25

12:25 – 12:55

After school

3:15 – 4:30



Lee Sterry Football MUGA/N Hall Y1

Running Club Field Y3/4

Hockey MUGA Y5/6

Basketball N Hall Y6

Art and Craft Class 7 Y2

Blee Club S Hall KS1



Lee Sterry Football MUGA/N Hall Y2

Yoga Club S Hall KS1

Story Club Library KS1

Athletics N Hall

Mini Choir Music Rm YR/1

Table Tennis S Hall Y6

Drama N Hall Y5/6 (from Nov)



Running Club Year 5/6

The streets 8:15–8:45am

Chimney Sweep

Music Room KS1

Tennis Club N Hall KS1

Chimney Sweep

Music Room KS2

Tennis Club N Hall KS1

Sewing Club Library Y3/4

Girls’ Football MUGA Y3/4

Boys’ Football MUGA Y5/6


Staff Meeting

S Hall 3:30 – 4:30pm



Minecraft Music Rm KS2

Gardening Club Garden Y1

Netball MUGA/N Hall Y5/6

Hockey MUGA Y3/4

Leadership meeting Office 3:30 – 5pm

Drama N Hall Y5/6 (until Nov)

Dance Club N Hall Y4 (from Jan)

Trumpet Club

Class 14 Y4

Art Club Class 16 Y5/6



Running Club Field Y1/2

Choir N Hall KS2

Music Club Music Rm 3:20 – 4:15pm


I am aware that we are asking parents to support our school visits financially, if possible. This is due to two factors. First of all, school funding has not managed to keep up with the rate of inflation and so most of the school’s money now goes on staffing and classroom resources. Secondly, the coach companies and providers are definitely keeping up with inflation, meaning that the costs of trips are increasing. I have committed the school to providing the transport for all trips, but some trips would not be able to go ahead without your kind contributions. Year 5, for example, are doing a topic on the Anglo-Saxons at the moment and a visit to Bede’s World (now calling itself Jarrow Hall after its update) really helps the children to experience what life in these times was like. The admission cost for your child would be £3 if you went as a family, but because we are taking part in workshops while we are there, the trip cost per child is £8. The school is paying for the coach which is costing us £350. Please remember that all of these contributions are voluntary and many thanks for your support and understanding.

I am away with Year 6 next week on our Borrowdale Residential, so if you need to speak to us can you contact Mrs Clougher via the school office. Last year I promised to put some updates onto the website throughout the week, but unfortunately the internet and phone service in Borrowdale is non-existent and so it will have to wait until next week’s Blog. Keep your fingers crossed for the weather. Here’s a Borrowdale image to help us on our way!