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Ravenswood Primary School

Year 5 Home Learning 2021


Week Two

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Tuesday 8th February was Safer Internet Day. This is a link to a resource that includes a video with top tips for keeping children safe online and has a variety of links to other online sites to help keep your child safer when on the Internet. 

If you have missed sing this year then here is a link to The Self Isolation Choir. To quote the site "Young Self-Isolation Choir is free and here for young people to have fun learning some wonderful music and songs online during these difficult days to come." They have a session every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.

Young Self-Isolation Choir



Both these videos made by Hamilton Trust have some great ideas for helping your child be successful maths at home. 


Week Six

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Monday's pdf version of the answers was not correct, although the word version was. If you can access the word here is the correct PDF

This week's FirstNews newspaper

Week Three

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 Week Two

Week Two Learning Pack

 We know lots of you like the weekly newspaper, so here is a link to a pdf download. 

Week One 

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