Ravenswood Primary School

Ravenswood Primary School

Year Five Home Learning

Where in the school are these photos taken from


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Week Fourteen

First News edition 734Week Fourteen Learning zipped Folder (with added French!)

Week Thirteen

First News edition 733

Week Thirteen Learning zipped Folder

Week Twelve

First News edition 732

Week Twelve Learning zipped Folder (updated French)

Looks like Harry has also caught the drawing bug. Here are some of his creations.


Week Eleven

Week Eleven Learning zipped Folder

Emily has been busy drawing and making things with cardboard. Here are a couple of her drawings and  cardboard dolls house.


Week Ten

Week Ten Learning zipped Folder

The Hungry Caterpillar, art and translation by Grace.


Week Nine

Week Nine zipped Folder

Week Eight

Week Eight Pack

Week Eight Learning zipped Folder

This week's First News newspaper to download


Week Seven

A bit of fun for half term, have a go at Rob's Spanish cups song - good luck

Week Seven Pack

Week Seven zipped folder

If you enjoy coding then these free resources might be fun

Week Six

Week Six  Learning Pack

Week Six Learning zipped folder

Week Five

Week Five Learning Pack

Week Five Learning Zipped Folder updated


Week Four

Week Four Introduction

Week Four Learning Zipped Folder


Week Three

Week Three Pack

Mr Hood's Week Three Homework

Mr Hood's Week Three Homework Answers

Mrs Carr's Week Three Homework

Miss Morpeth's Week Three Homework


Week Two Pack

Mr Hood's Week Two Homework

Mr Hood's Week Two Homework Answers

 Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words


Week One Pack

Mr Hood's Week One Homework

Mr Hood's Week One Homework Answers